Intro to “Dip Your Toe In” Metaphor

Dip Your Toe In Metaphor

  • Understanding Traumatized Nervous Systems
    • Bodies Can be Triggering
    • Inside Can be Triggering
    • Noticing Can be Triggering
    • Calming or Slowing Down Can be Triggering
    • Paying Attention to the Body Before an Audience Can be Triggering
    • Performance Anxiety Related to All of This Can be Triggering
    • Resistance Not a Useful Concept
  • Dip Your Toe In Provides Needed Information
  • Beware Agendas
    • Beware Informing Clients What the Should Feel or What Mindfulness Will Do
    • Therapist Agendas: Back to How we Teach Mindfulness, and the Cinderblock on the Gas Pedal
    • Many Clients with Complex Trauma Believe that they have Failed Trauma (and are about to Fail EMDR Therapy)
    • Aspirin for a Headache Metaphor

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